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TaTonka Real Estate Advisors is a Twin Cities based commercial real estate advisory firm that represents tenants and buyers in their negotiations to lease or purchase property. We believe trust is the cornerstone of every successful relationship. By providing critical leverage through superior market knowledge and skillful negotiations, we create results with lasting value for our clients.

Site Selection

We believe a company’s work environment is integral to its success. Whether it is employee satisfaction and productivity or efficiency of work flow, your space matters. Selecting the right location and building for your organization is what we do. We help clients consider a wide variety of factors such as employee attraction/retention, commute times, state and local economic incentives and building amenities to name a few.  With access to thousands of property listings we will bring the market to you.

Lease Negotiation

Landlords know the real estate market, that’s their business. Tenants are at a disadvantage as their time and efforts are focused on the success of their own business, not real estate. That is where we come in.  We bring market knowledge, alternatives, leverage and a competitive environment to the negotiation process, where landlords need to compete to win your tenancy. Even in a renewal situation, you don’t need to accept the status quo. With over 1,000 leases negotiated there isn’t a lease detail we haven’t seen or negotiated.

Building Aquisition

Depending on your situation, property ownership might be more advantageous than leasing. At TaTonka, we will help you identify potential properties, compile local market comps, determine the market value of available properties and negotiate the terms of a purchase agreement. In some cases, the available properties are unsuitable for a client’s needs. In these cases we locate available land, negotiate with landowners and developers, obtain economic incentives offered by cities, counties and states, and select architects and contractors who can construct a building to suit a client’s needs.

Strategic Planning

Consultation and advisory services are the heart of our work at TaTonka, they are involved in every service we offer.  A real estate purchase or even lease contract represents a major investment which is not without risk. The most important thing you can do to protect your interests is to be prepared. Our advisors know the market, we will assess the risks and opportunities and create a smart strategy based on your company’s objectives.

Property Valuation

Whether a client needs to purchase or sell real estate they need to know the market value of the property.  TaTonka advisors apply multiple methodologies for valuing a property.  Understanding the fair market value of a property allows clients to make an educated buy/sell decision.

Investment Properties

Real estate is a valuable portion of many investment portfolios.  The key is to know which properties produce the return and risk level a client prefers.  TaTonka advisors are active in the investment market and often identify opportunities for acquisition before they “go to market.”  We also help investors gain liquidity by selling properties and assist in 1031 exchanges.

Real Estate Disposition

Disposing of excess commercial real estate is a common part of many long-term business strategies. Whether your business is downsizing or simply relocating, our advisors will help you sell or sublease real estate as part of your comprehensive long-term strategy.