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Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (“CSI”) is a publicly traded medical device company (CSII-NASDAQ). TaTonka has been CSI’s real estate advisor since its startup in 2005 and has worked with CSI’s landlord to expand its space several times. CSI engaged TaTonka in December of 2013 to help analyze its short and long term need for space. CSI liked its location, but as a result of achieving additional approvals for its medical device it anticipated significant growth that would exceed its existing facilities. CSI needed to find a building that would accommodate its current needs and its tremendous growth by December of 2014.


• Interviewed key personnel at CSI to determine the goals, objectives and long term vision of the company

• Directed an architect selection process and programming analysis to determine CSI’s current real estate needs and future planned growth

• Toured buildings and build-to-suit sites within a twenty (20) mile radius that would meet CSI’s requirements

• Obtained proposals from four developers and one landlord creating a competitive environment for the developers and municipal incentives

• Built financial analysis/deal point matrix including variables such as net rent, operating costs, moving expenses, construction costs, site costs, rent constant, etc. to compare the alternative opportunities


Identified a site, negotiated a land purchase and construction development contract in 180 days for CSI’s new 125,000 SF World Headquarters in New Brighton, MN

• Negotiated incentives in excess of $3M to offset construction/site costs

• Negotiated rights allowing CSI to expand its building by up to 75,000 SF

• Negotiated rights to buy additional land to expand building beyond 200,000 SF

• State-of-the-art office and lab facilities creating a more efficient and productive work environment bolstering the CSI image and culture