Put The Strength of TaTonka To Work In Your Commercial Real Estate Needs

Oct 25, 2016

Top 10 Reasons Why TaTonka Real Estate Advisors Will Help YOu Maximize Your Results On Your Next Commercial Real Estate Lease or Purchase Decision

  1. TaTonka does not represent institutional owners so we are free to negotiate on our client’s behalf without conflict or compromise.
  2. TaTonka listens carefully to fully understand our client’s goals and objectives.
  3. TaTonka’s market knowledge and high level of activity provides valuable insight into available properties, rental rates and concessions that can be negotiated to our client’s benefit.
  4. TaTonka uses a ten step process to manage every decision point throughout the evaluation of purchase or lease options.
  5. TaTonka’s understanding of the process ensures that a realistic timeline is developed and adhered to through the execution of a real estate plan.
  6. TaTonka’s experience and skill in negotiating prudent language in conjunction with our client’s legal counsel will ensure flexibility is achieved without sacrifice. TaTonka will also make sure all elements of the transaction are clearly and accurately reflected in our client’s final agreement.
  7. TaTonka’s understanding of local Landlords and property management firms ensures our clients are well positioned with a stable ownership entity and quality property management firm capable of serving our client’s needs throughout the lease.
  8. TaTonka is respected for our integrity. Because TaTonka knows the market so well and researches viable alternatives for our clients, TaTonka often can pursue several options simultaneously, resulting in maximum leverage when negotiating.
  9. 85% of TaTonka’s annual business is generated from either past clients or referrals which is a testimonial to the satisfaction of our clients and the value created by our services.
  10. TaTonka values our client relationships and seeks opportunities to help our clients prosper. TaTonka judges the success of a project by the results we provide and the satisfaction of our clients.